Outdoor Digital Signage Manufacturer in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is home to ZWEIS, a leading outdoor digital signage manufacturer that specializes in producing outdoor TVs and digital signage displays for use in various outdoor environments. These products are designed to be weather-resistant, featuring waterproofing and anti-glare technology to ensure clear viewing even in bright sunlight. In addition to their main product line, ZWEIS also offers other innovative solutions such as the Cardio Fitness Wall for personal or commercial use, Smart Audio systems for home theaters, and Solar Energy Storage Systems for house power.

ZWEIS: A Pioneer in Outdoor Digital Signage Manufacturing

With over two decades of experience, ZWEIS has established itself as a pioneer in the field of outdoor digital signage manufacturing. The company’s production bases cover an impressive area of 260,000 square meters and have been operational since its inception in 2000. This extensive infrastructure allows ZWEIS to meet the growing demand for high-quality outdoor display solutions.

Innovative Products with Advanced Features

ZWEIS takes pride in offering cutting-edge products that incorporate advanced features and technologies. Their hybrid off-grid energy storage system is a prime example of this innovation. This system works seamlessly with connected solar panels, grids (or generators), loads, built-in phosphoric li-ion batteries, hybrid inverters, and energy management systems. With four working modes – SOL (solar only), UEI (utility grid + energy input), SBU (solar battery utility mode), SUB (solar utility backup) – users can customize settings according to their specific requirements.

Dedication to Quality and Customer Satisfaction

ZWEIS places great emphasis on quality control throughout every stage of production. From sourcing premium materials to implementing rigorous testing procedures before shipment, the company ensures that each product meets the highest standards. This commitment to quality has earned ZWEIS a reputation for reliability and customer satisfaction.


ZWEIS, an outdoor digital signage manufacturer based in Sri Lanka, offers a wide range of weather-resistant outdoor TVs and digital signage displays. With their focus on innovation and dedication to quality, ZWEIS continues to be at the forefront of the industry. Whether it’s for commercial or personal use, customers can rely on ZWEIS products to deliver exceptional performance even in challenging outdoor environments.

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